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Notizia 17/10/2014

Cliente Felice: KENITcosmetics

Creazione sito web in lingua Inglese per linea di prodotti dermocosmetici

Kenit is an exclusive line of skin-care products developed entirely in Italy by a pharmacist, Dr. Luigi Macchiagodena, and his assistants. The idea behind the "Kenit Concept" is to develop and produce only a limited number of creations which are deemed suitable for targeted needs, the perfect balance between modern cosmetics and botanical traditions.

Each individual formulation is created using only the functional ingredients considered necessary and appropriate for the specific purpose, driven by the concept that only professional competence can determine what goes into skin care products.
Convinced that the creation of a cosmetic product is a magical alchemy of perfection, we have made Kenit an objective in which our knowledge comes together and in which nothing, not even the smallest detail, is left to chance. In this we truly are unique.

After many years of scientific research, we have created what we call the "equilateral triangle" of a perfectly balanced skin-care product. On one side, we have substances chosen by our team of pharmacists in our laboratory which enhance the efficacy of our product. On the second side, our inspiration comes from all that nature offers us: oils and plant extracts. The third side of the Kenit triangle is where it all comes together: silky texture, never-heavy, ethereal mousse, gel-serum and evanescent fragrance that all give you a total cosmetic experience.

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